B Pharm

Popularly known as B Pharm or Bachelor of Pharmacy is a four-year degree program in India with both annual and semester schemes available for the students.

The B Pharmacy course deals with all aspects of drugs and medicine use, whether first discovery or supply of medicines to the patients. A part of the healthcare industry, pharmaceutics gives exciting career options and an interesting profession to work, since it involves understanding the properties and impacts of medicines and its dosage.

B Pharm Course

The B Pharm course gives valuable knowledge of the health care industry and focuses on the study of pharmaceutical chemical (organic, physical, and inorganic), biology, biochemistry, medicines, physiology, pharmacology, etc.

After completion of the B Pharm course, the graduates have diversified roles in performing their skills.


The B Pharm course duration is 4 years, which is divided into 8 semesters, each semester lasting for 6 months. Some of the universities or colleges also provide an annual scheme pattern for the students.

Eligibility Criteria
  • The eligibility criteria to enroll for the B Pharm Course required 12th passed with science background – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology from a recognized board.
  • Students should have to secure a 50% aggregate
  • Minimum of 17 years of age
  • The criteria of minimum passing percentage may differ from the universities
Lateral Entry

Lateral Entry for Diploma in Pharmacy is available for D Pharm students with a minimum of 50% aggregate.

Admission process

To get admission for B Pharm, the student has to fulfill the eligibility criteria prescribed by the university.  Most of the institutions follow merit-based admission process and entrance test at national or state level for qualified candidates.

The candidate has to submit a duly filled application available from the prescribed university or college (online or in person).

Career Opportunities in B Pharm

The pharmacy sector has wide career opportunities for B Pharm graduates. On completion of the course, the students can work Pharmaceutical Company or can practice as Pharmacist in both public as well as private sectors. In abroad, the students can get a far better role with lots of options in front of them.

B Pharm graduates have diverse roles and designations to be played in different domains, demonstrating their skill set and knowledge, which includes; Clinical Research, Pharmacist, Sales and Distributors, Drug Controller, Health Inspector, Medical Representative, Academic Professional, etc.

The B Pharm graduates can even opt for masters program known as M Pharm to pursue higher studies.

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