Career Success Factors

Mainly there are many factors to be considered when selecting a career field. Student’s desire, interest, talents etc have to be taken into account when selecting a career. Importance should be given for the interests of the child than the glamour of a particular career. Otherwise, the child may not be able to succeed in the chosen area.

Some children are good at understanding the technical information; some others will have a talent in Mathematics and so on. These types of talents the child acquire from birth are known as aptitude. If a student who does not have an aptitude for technology joins an Engineering course, he has a good chance of spoiling his career. He may not be able to achieve any of his goals in the Engineering career. One has to identify their own aptitude and choose a career according to that.

Aptitude is only one side of a coin when selecting a career. The other side is the student’s Intelligence. It is not a measurement of what the student has studied and scored. By Intelligence, psychologists mean behaviour adjusting to the situation and the person’s ability to work for the achievement of the goal. For different jobs, different levels of intelligence are absolutely necessary. So before selecting a career, this factor needs to be considered.

A person’s success in a job is determined by the interest he has in that job. This is not a talent acquired from birth. Interest to the job has to be developed by the candidate once they have identified their aptitude. This is related to one’s personality to some extent.

A person’s personality or character is an important factor in the success of their career. Personality will differ from person to person. Some people will take things with a more realistic approach; some others will do their job for any number of hours without any problem. Some will be very restless while some others will be too slow in doing things. Personality is very much related to career.